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Tue 5 Jul 2022  
1:01:56 PM

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Louis Vuitton
Popular for being a
highly distinctive French
brand and its ability to
combine the traditional with
the modern.


A French brand with
a vision of conveying
casual elegance. Widely
known for its popularity
amongst actresses.


A luxurious French
brand loved and adored
by kings and queens around
the world.



Charms/Key Rings



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It is understandable that online shopping can be a minefield, especially in shopping for the pre-owner luxury goods, but here at PreLovedLuxury you can be assured in the strictest confidence that what you are receiving is authentic and lowest prices possible.




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    Why Us

Have you received a counterfeit bag/item from a seller? Have you just launched a Paypal dispute case? Do you need to provide formal third party proof in the form of a letter ('Statement Of Non-Authenticity') complete with a company letterhead confirming that the item is counterfeit?

You have come right place because we know how you feel, we understand that you worry, stress and become depressed when you receive counterfeit items. No one should be put through the frustration and agony of spending their hard earned money on fake goods. Unfortunately there will always be some sellers that try to make money by luring people into buying counterfeit goods.

Put simply PreLovedLuxury.com.au is a renowned for being a fully owned and operated Australian authentic dealer of high quality, luxury items. We work tirelessly to hunt down bargains and pass the savings on to you. Flexible by nature we offer a range of services including, Buying, Selling and Consigning luxury goods that are  "new",  "as new", "slightly used".

- We do all the hard work for you .. and without a doubt authentic -
When shopping for luxury goods, we at PreLovedLuxury go through all the hard parts for you. In saying this we strive to obtain the real bargains in the local market and worldwide market then pass these savings on to you, by offering you the lowest price possible as well as complete confidence that the goods are authentic without a doubt.

- The Luxury touch is at your fingertips - One click way! -
We understand that a lot of people are so busy these days so PreLovedLuxury is an online Store making it easy for you to Buy and Sell, Consign your Luxury belongings in the comfort of your own home - Luxury At One Click Away - or you can visit our physical retail shop/store located in one of the busiest CBD areas (5 minutes from Central Station) in Sydney Australia. Our collection currently includes over 500 authentic luxury items and bags from Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe and many more.

- All our items are accompanied by an authentic guarantee -
We have over 20 years of experience and expertise in dealing with pre-loved luxury goods. We have sold and bought countless pre-loved luxury items and never once throughout our many years of operation had a complaint against us regarding items being counterfeit.
It is understandable that online shopping can be a minefield, especially in shopping for the pre-owner luxury goods, but here at PreLovedLuxury you can be assured in the strictest confidence that what you are receiving is authentic.

- 60% off the retail price of the Luxury goods -
 In fact the only thing that is not 100% is the price, PreLovedLuxury is well known for selling pre-owned luxury items for up to 60% off the retail price, enabling you to obtain the luxury goods for only a fraction of the retail price.

- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - '7 Day No Question Asked' Return Policy -
Our items are backed by an authenticity guarantee as well as a '7 Day No Question Asked' Return Policy, both of which match or even exceed the standards that are currently in place within luxury boutiques and authorized retailers (see Our Returns Policy).

- You don't waste time .. We authenticate and guarantee everything we sell -
Why go through all the trouble of looking for seller of second hand luxury goods? Why waste time looking for a good bargain? Why risk buying a piece that is not authentic. Our professional team at Prelovedluxury, will do all the hard work for you, just sit back and relax. We have a vast inventory, we offer you an unbeatable price so you don't waste time, we authenticate and guarantee everything we sell and all transactions are secure and encrypted with the latest security protection.

- Ease of online shopping with the flexibility of a physical retail store/shop -
PreLovedLuxury provides its clients with high yielding premiums in exchange for goods. We are armed and fully equip with the technical and marketing skills necessary to provide you with the most out of your goods. It almost goes without saying that PreLovedLuxury will offer you an unbeatable return whether you are selling or consigning. PreLovedLuxury ultimately enables you to unlock the most out of your bag and experience an unequalled shopping journey. Simply follow our online prompts and you’ll be on your way to easy money. 

- Cash in on your unused items -
Our services are accompanied by trained technicians as well as friendly customer service, all of which are easily contactable and ready to make your time at PreLovedLuxury an enjoyable experience.

- Easier way for Owners to Sell, Trade-in, Consign their Luxury items -
We offer convenient ways (Online or Retail Shop) for Owners to Sell, Trade-in, Consign their luxury items to a trusted source and get the most best prices.

- Worry free, stress-free shopping experience - At lowest possible prices -
PreLovedLuxury offers a stress-free, worry-free, and safe way to shop for pre-owned luxury items at lowest possible prices. We actively ensure your peace of mind with every transaction at PreLovedLuxury. This is what separates PreLovedLuxury from others.
To conclude, we at  PreLovedLuxury.com.au do make every effort to ensure our customers a pleasant, convenient and secure way of both online shopping and store visiting. Finally, you can do buying the pre-owned luxury items at PreLovedLuxury is as safe and satisfying as buying new.

Where are we?
Located in one of the busiest CBD areas of Sydney Australia
 (5 minutes from Central Station)
*MON-SAT: 10:00am-5:45pm  *SUN: 11:00am-5:15pm


Alfa Corporation P/L
770 George St Sydney
NSW 2000 Australia

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