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Tue 5 Jul 2022  
1:51:50 PM

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Louis Vuitton
Popular for being a
highly distinctive French
brand and its ability to
combine the traditional with
the modern.


A French brand with
a vision of conveying
casual elegance. Widely
known for its popularity
amongst actresses.


A luxurious French
brand loved and adored
by kings and queens around
the world.



Charms/Key Rings



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It is understandable that online shopping can be a minefield, especially in shopping for the pre-owner luxury goods, but here at PreLovedLuxury you can be assured in the strictest confidence that what you are receiving is authentic and lowest prices possible.




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    Security Tags

What is a security tag?
It is a unique form of identification label that we attach to all our bags/items (does not impair or damage the item in any way) to avoid complications, which may arise after the transaction, has occurred.

The tag may easily be cut off by scissors if need be, however it is not re-attachable. It implicitly serves as a binding contract to PreLovedLuxury. Once the tag has been disturbed in any way including being cut, it will be inferred that the customer is completely satisfied with the item deeming it to be ineligible to be refunded. Please therefore examine the product carefully before removing any tags what so ever.

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